MoYu MeiLong 3x3 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cubing campers
Amazing cube

A very good cube. It's nice to solve with but it catches sometimes. Magnets are not too loose or too strong. It's a bit slow out of the box but when you dig into the cube it turns well. Worth the money. Would recommend for beginners.


I highly recommend this puzzle to beginners and experts. Out of the box, it was sandy and dry, but with something like weight 4 silicone and breaking in, it got amazing. The corner cutting is snappy and small cuts are easy. I could use this as my main over my GAN X V2 as it's more stable and can still be buttery smooth! The centre caps aren't a pain to get off. Although there's no dual adjustment system, I think that's a good thing because it will appeal to beginners because it's not overwhelming :D

One thing to note is the texture: the matte plastic is very slippery at first, but after using it a lot, it wears away.

good cube

Pretty good cube, smooth turning and mid-power magnets.

Nice speedcube

I was a bit worried having tried the non-magnetic version of this which I didn't really like due to its flexibe-stretchy feeling (quite cheap though). After having seen some reviews I decided to try that and got quite surprised after the first few turns. Massively more stable this magnetic one, light as a feather and pretty fast. Definetely recommend over its non magnetic version. For 9GPB it is not the best value for me but overall great cube.

dsm cubing
amazing cube, amazing price

I decided to try this cube out to see how the budget cubes are this year, and i really did not expect it to be this good. The feel of the cube is absolutely amazing. out of the box it is very sandy, but i lubed it with some adhedron lite, loosened the tensions a little, and the cube felt amazing. It is buttery smooth and does not feel cheap. This is currently my main which i really was not expecting as my old main was the valk elite.

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