GAN 354 V2 M

Colour: Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Excellent 3x3 cube for smaller hands

The cube is slightly smaller than standard which makes it a great fit for a 10 year old (also works well for adults).
it is very easy to turn, improving the speed compared with regular cubes.
Cube was delivered very quickly by Kewbz UK and arrived with a bunch of accessories (bag, stand, detailed instructions etc) which we haven't really looked into. It is priced competitively.
Very happy with the purchase!

Perfect GAN Cube

My son wanted so much this cube. He was waiting for it a whole week, when we did pay for 2-3 days delivery but we didn’t mind as his reaction of having the cube he was expecting for me to buy a long time ago was incomparable. He was the very happy. He said that the cube s really fast and smooth. Magnet strength is perfect and has so much customisation. Highly recommend by a 13 years old boy that cubes became his hobby for the last 2 years.

GAN 354 V2M review by Kinley Bhutia

My first ever GAN cube and I am very pleased with it. Excellent service and price. I have done an unboxing video on YouTube. Please check this link -

OH and small hand cube

I use this cube as my OH main. The size is perfect for OH and it feels more comfy in my hand then my XS. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that the construction quality of mine really isn't very good. The stocks would pop out of the corner and the feel of the cube would be destroyed. The stocks would only pop out a couple of mm but the feel of the cube would change.

why do i rate every 3x3 5 stars and use a different name every time

fits my tiny hands
the frosted plastic is amazing
turns twice as fast as the x probablyl cuz i put awful lube on that and i broke a piece

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