YJ MGC 7x7 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David James

This is my first 7x7, but hot damn it is incredible. Its far more smooth and easy to turn than my Valk 5x5 M. Even though it's a bigger cube. It's just masterfully designed. Very easy to do slice moves. Sometimes the pieces pop out if you try to corner cut too much, but that not the fault of the cube, you should really just try to turn more accurately

This is my first YJ cube but I'm already a massive fan. I also bought their magnetic 4x4 in the same order. And that's easily the best 4x4 I've ever used. I recently bought a MoYu AoSu WRM 4x4 too because that one got the highest rules, the world record was apparently set with it. But the YJ MGC 4x4 is significantly better and smoother and easy to turn, and the magnets are better. Slice moves in that, much like the 7x7, is incredibly easy and fast

Needless to say I'm now a massive YJ fan and I'm gonna buy the whole set eventually, every single MGC cube.

This is such a good cube. It seems to be generally agreed to be the best 7x7, and it's relatively very cheap. So just get it. And get the YJ 4x4 too lol


The MGC 7x7 has decent cornercutting and might be the fastest 7x7! The inner layers (3rd layers) are a nice sandy smooth. The stickerless colour shades are fabulous (I especially love the green/orange/red/blue) and when scrambled it looks impressive. The Spark may be better, but in my opinion, this is already very good and I highly recommend it :D


The Mgc 7x7 is the best 7x7 on the market. It turns effortlessly fast rarely locks up in solves and has a nice colour contrast. It makes solving 7x7 really fun. Just gonna say I honestly don't know much about 7x7 other than how to solve it but I do know that the is definitely the best 7x7 on he market for beginners up to world record holders.


Amazing cube brilliant as a first 7x7 or even for more experienced cubers still working on solving it only problem is it’s loose out the box and definitely needs to be tightened but comes with a screwdriver so it’s easy to change brilliant cube

Callum Atkinson
Fantastic and easy to turn

I originally had a toyess cube from amazon which was okay but I couldn't move the pieces fast at all as pieces would pop off so I got this one and its amazing. The colours are so nice and the texture feels so nice. The magnets make it much easier to turn. I would highly recommend this cube