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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Edward Hardcastle
Excellent cube, essential for your collection

This cube is amazing! I would highly recommend this cube! This is now my new main and I can not put it down. The build quality is awesome, turn speed and quality is the best I have experienced. Love the packaging and straight out the box it was excellent. Had to apply a few drops of lube as it was a touch dry but have a few solves it was perfect. The box is awesome and I loved the presentation of it. I am now considering purchasing the full MGC range! I can see why the is Feliks Zemdegs main also. Great purchase for the price, I feel it’s a bit under priced for the quality in return. I wish I had purchase this sooner! Excellent cube and fantastic service from Kewbz also!! Best place online for U.K. cube delivery!

Thomas Delacour (YouTube: Tom's Cubes)
YJ MGC 4x4 M-- fantastic quality

First impressions:
Nice-design cardboard box containing the cube and a smaller box which contains Chinese instructions, a screwdriver, a bag of weaker springs, a bag of stronger springs, and a bag of some spare magnets.
The cube has lovely, high-contrasting bright colours.
It felt nice on the first few turns, if a little dry, but dry is best for a new cube so you can lube it the way you like without having to take it apart and clean it first. This is good because I don't fancy taking apart 4x4s unless absolutely necessary.
Pulling on the pieces, the factory set-up seemed perfectly balanced ( equal ) on all sides and it feels good to turn.
Corner-cutting is fine/perfect for me although I'm not a corner-cutter exremist :D
I felt no need to adjust the screws with the included scredriver, but who knows in future, so it's good to include a screwdriver.
After 4 dropst of lube, little seemed to change, so I added another 8 drops making 12 in total ( i guess 4x4s need a lot more lube than 3x3s ? ). Wow. Great, turning.
No noise at all from any springs so it wasn't necessary to take it apart to lube the springs. I suspect they are factory-lubed but I don't know for sure. Either way, it's nice and quiet.

First Solve:
What a joy to use this cube

Looks good, feels good, turns good. Inexpensive.
If you buy this cube, you will be pleased that you did

David James
It is the best.

I've had a lot of 4x4s over the years. I had an old moyu one years ago that managed to break by one of the inner sphere pieces jamming up, so the cube couldn't be turned

But I recently got this YJ MGC 4x4 and it's just stunningly good. I only got it cos I didn't have a stickered 4x4 and this was cheap so I thought why not? But it's instantly become my main. I also got a MoYu AuSo WRM 4x4 months ago cos that had the highest reviews. But this baby, the YJ one, is so much better. And so much cheaper too. It's the best 4x4 hands down. It reminds me very much of the Gan XS 3x3. It turns just as well and easy as that despite having an extra layer, and it feels the same cos of the magnets. It's just enjoyable to turn and scramble, and even better to solve it. Because of the magnets, the best way to describe how it feels is chunky soup. Smooth soup but with smooth moist chunks of meat or veg. Very enjoyable. I love my chunky soup cube. I hope that makes sense.

Slice moves are effortless. The outer layers perform exactly like any good 3x3 making the last bit of the solve so quick.

And this YJ cube just FEELS so good to turn. I also got a YJ MGC 7x7 with this order and it's easily the best 7x7 I've ever held in my hands it turns so smoothly, it turns and does slice moves so much better than even my Valk 5 M, despite this 7x7 being a bigger cube so you'd think it would be inherently worse. But it's not at all.

Anyway I'm rambling. I instantly have become a massive YJ fan because of how good these cubes are. And I intend to buy their whole range of cubes. Maybe even 2 of each, one stickered, one sticker less. Just for the collection. I'm doing all this shilling for them for free, lol. Because the cubes are just that good. Love it

Are you a beginner, or an expert, or literally anywhere in between? Then buy this 4x4. It's that damn good and it's cheaper than all the other flagship 4x4s. This one is cheaper than all of them, but that doesn't mean it's a budget cube. Because it's literally the best 4x4 on the market.

Adam Breeden

Excellent cube and a huge improvement over my old 4x4 - not QUITE as perfect as the mighty MGC 5x5 but very close and similar in feel

Lee Donovan
As always great but

This was the first time I paid for 1 to 2 day shipping but sadly, Royal Mail screwed up.
I According to Royal Mail tracking I should have received my item on Thursday Feb 25th but didn't get it until Saturday Feb 27th.
There were zero delays, Royal Mail sent it to the wrong depo.
I contacted them and explained that I paid extra for shipping and was told I had to claim that back from the vendor and the vendor would claim it from Royal Mail.

Other than that, all is good.