GAN 11 M Pro

Colour: Stickerless Bright
Interals: Primary
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic cube with premium finish and action

Great cube straight out of the box. Looks and feels smaller than it is due to its light weight. Possibly too may ways to adjust and the instructions to do so aren't great assuming you can read the minute print. The moulding on the nut is so small you cannot see the numbers without a microscope. In spite of that, it has become my main and hard to put down!

Great cube, but only worth it if you're a fast solver.

I've not owned a cube since the GAN 356 X. I hadn't really solved properly and competitively for about a year until the other day, after which I realised it was something to pursue again. I had heard about GAN's new flagship, and decided I'd invest.

It's a very interesting cube. Innovations like the core-corner magnets are fascinating to me, coming from a time in which it was incredible for a cube to just not pop! It makes the cube feel stable, despite it being extremely quick. It doesn't flex horrendously, and it can handle abusively rapid turns. Don't fear going quick with your last layer algorithms.

Make yourself familiar with the different settings possible. It's wise to try out every setting possible, to make sure that you get it just right. I like the #1 setting on the light blue nut, the 4th click on the clear tensioning setting, #2 on the corner magnets, and the hexagonal magnets in the corner's stalks.

Another thing - the cube is phenomenally light. After excitedly picking up the package off my doorstep, I was almost convinced the box was empty. The cube comes in at a mere 63 grams, only adding to the smooth, airy feel of the puzzle.

All in all - it's a brilliant puzzle. ~£50 is a lot to spend on a cube, but I won't hesitate in saying that it is worth it if you're a high-level amateur to pro cuber. If you're just starting out, or you're not particularly fast, I wouldn't bother. You'd be paying for features you simply wouldn't benefit from.

This cube is amazing.

It glides effortlessly. It has a creamy feel. It cuts corners like there isn’t even a corner there and many different setting on the cube allow you to make it the perfect cube for you. The core magnets are extraordinary and I really can’t fault anything about.

Buy it!

Me gusta

Mmmmm me gusta


the cube comes with many tools. The box is unique and certainly feels like an expensive cube. The cube doesn't have GAN's buttery handfeel, instead feels more papery. It is very light and very customizable. my pb went down by 12 seconds by day 3.

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