GAN 11 M Pro

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
lee mcd

That's all I need to say really.. This is my 2nd gan 11 m pro.

Ryan JB
I actually bought the Soft Version, but this is where I can review it

I purchased the soft version a bit over a month after it was released and despite the long delays due to factory defects, the cube was 100% worth it. It is soft and the speed depends on your setup. The tensioning system works miracles for me, as I no longer have to fiddle with a cube for hours finding the perfect tension. As for the magnets, it keeps the cube extremely stable while still being fast. It has a soft feeling internally and the primary internals look really good. The soft coating has only began to peel on the white centre piece, which I was expecting eventually. This does not affect the performance of my cube in any way and I use it as my main still.

Sophie Jennings
This is fab!

My little girl saved up for this one and it definitely doesn't disappoint! Comes with a cool box, bag & a little screwdriver too. She knows what makes this one special (I have no idea), but she is super pleased with it!

Darrell Oakden
Great cube straight out of the box.

I wouldn’t consider myself a really serious cuber but I have been dabbling for around two years. I have tried several high end cubes, but this was an instant favourite. The setup out of the box suited me. I did add a little lube almost from habit. The lightness and stability play a big factor in how this cube feels. As well as it been really enjoyable to use I knocked 10 seconds off my PB within a few days. (The first case that has come with a cube that I actually want to use as well)

Caroline Heartfield
Great service

This cube is a birthday gift for my son, which hasn’t been opened yet. But, I can tell you the package arrived promptly, and the box is in perfect condition as looks as advertised.

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